"The art of seduction is knowing what he really wants and slowly giving it to him in a way that takes his breath away"



Uncover your kinks, feed your fetishes and test your submission with an in-person session.

virtual sessions

Experience Valentina's ability to control and coax even from a distance, or use this opportunity to get acquainted with your Mistress prior to a session.


Admire Valentina's physical beauty and innate ability to hit your pressure points through her media content. She will leave you begging for more.


meet your mistress

With a fully equipped private playspace, six years of experience and a particular penchant for seductively luring submissives into predicaments, Valentina Velvet is the Scottish Mistress who takes BDSM to the next level.

Occasionally nurturing, sometimes cruel and often deviant, you'll never feel as though you have a colour-by-numbers experience. Valentina takes time to understand you, your kinks and your limits before crafting a unique journey for you, all with a playful twinkle in her eye.

Mistress Velvet's regular play spot is Glasgow, where her discreet dungeon space is. However, you can catch her on her visits to Edinburgh, Aberdeen and London as well as requesting if she can join you at your location, whether UK or further afield.

It's been said


You looked jaw dropping, you were in a very devious mindset  and the way you teased me and drove me crazy the whole time was just incredible.


Not quite sure how you unlocked my inner sanctum but boy, I am so grateful to have experienced entry to the unused 90%. I am so lucky and fortunate to have been reintroduced to such an amazing talent.


I loved being toyed with  by a Mistress with a talent for seduction. You look sweet and innocent until one is immobile in front of you. Thank you again, Mistress Velvet.