As every mistress has different etiquette and standards, I feel it important to outline exactly what mine are. It is required that you read this and, of course, respecting this is an absolute must.



If we have not met prior and would like to arrange a meeting, I ask that you contact me via email with the following information:

- Your name 
- The date you would like to meet
- The time you would like to meet
- The desired session length
- A brief of your experience, limits and boudaries

I will respond as soon as I can, always within 24 hours, and if we can make arrangements, I will request that we have a brief phone call at a pre-arranged time to confirm the details.


On meeting day

On the day of the meeting, please text me to confirm we are still going ahead. If you do not, I will assume we are no longer meeting and make other arrangements with my day.

Do your best to arrive on time - this includes adequate time to park your car and walk to my apartment. I may allow up to 10 minutes as a grace period if you inform me in advance that you will be slightly late. However, chances are our meeting will still end at the original end time, meaning you will lose time for being late. No-one wants that, especially not me, so please be on time.

My fee should always be given to me before we begin, either by physically handing it to me or by blatantly leaving it on the table or other noticeable place. Getting the financials out the way first means we can both relax and enjoy the meeting.

There is a client bathroom just for you, complete with various toiletries and always fresh towels. If you need to shower, then shower. If we begin our meeting and I find your body odour to be offensive, then you will be sent to shower. This is embarrassing for you and awkward for me, so let's not put ourselves in that position. 

Post meeting

Many clients ask me how they can send me their thanks following our session. This is not necessary, but always appreciated; which woman doesn't love to be made to feel special?! You are welcome to send me a tip, using the banking details on my deposit page or sending me a lovely gift from my  Wishlist.