With the pandemic and accompanying restrictions in place across Scotland, particularly Glasgow and Edinburgh, I felt it appropriate to create a short declaration regarding  health and safety procedures being carried out. Following this is a relatively painless way to ensure we can continue with our safe, sane and consensual fun without contributing to the caseload.



What to expect from me

I take my temperature daily

I wash my hands immediately before and after sessions

All equipment is thoroughly sanitised before / after sessions

Individual and clean hand and body towels are provided

Disposable cups for mouth wash are provided

For sissy / crossdressing sessions, disposable wig caps are provided and make-up brushes washed between use

What I expect from you

You will not schedule with me if you have or suspect symptoms of Covid-19

You agree to have you temperature taken on arrival

You will wash your hands on receipt of a healthy temperature and ready to begin our session

Disposable masks and gloves are available, please ask if you would like some