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virtual sessions


Watching Valentina stare you down with her hypnotic hazel eyes has you in a trance, willing to do anything she requests. The pinnacle of virtual sessions for Valentina's submissives; fill your kink cravings anywhere or use this is an opportunity to connect prior to a physical session.

phone chat

The sound of Valentina's Scottish accent thrills you every single time, hitting you with a flood of dopamine. The high you get from following your Mistress' instructions or hearing her taunt you, yet again, is incomparable with anything you've felt before. A little voice inside you tells you to stop, but before you know it, you've dialled her number.

sms chat

You know you shouldn't but you just can't help yourself. Every time your phone buzzes whilst you sit at your desk or when spending time with friends, the hairs raise on the back of your neck. You know it's your Mistress and you should never hesitate to respond; Valentina doesn't like waiting for her toy to come out and play.