My Locations

My studio / dungeon in Glasgow is a kinksters' paradise to host meetings in. My property is a converted apartment, used solely as my session space and filming studio, made up of five play areas. For a full viewing, visit Velvet Vaults site.

The Bondage & Discipline Room - this room is packed full of apparatus, tools and toys, enough to intimidate even the more seasoned submissives. Designed to muddle the senses with lighting and atmosphere, this space really does make a man crumble. Containing a St Andrews cross made of chain, a bondage bench, tao chair, cage, floggers, canes, paddles, electro tools and just about anything you could want, expect some serious play.

Sissy's Dressing Room - pink, glitzy and girly, this room is where transformations take place. A man may enter, but the inner sissy is unleashed in here. With clothes, shoes, wigs and makeup aplenty, prepare for a full make-over. This room is also perfect for those who wish to indulge in their fetish desires in a more relaxed space.

Doctor Velvet's Medical Room - make your appointment with the doctor who will examine your physique and test your performance  before prescribing the remedy to your ailment. With an examination table, scales, monitors and medical equipment, you will feel as though you have had a full medical assessment, albeit, not quite a kosher one. 

Headmistress Velvet's Office - when you've been called to the Headmistress' office, you know you are in for a bumpy ride. With a beautiful antique desk to bend you over for a spanking, a chalkboard for writing out lines amongst other vintage school items, you will feel as though you have been whisked back to your school days. 

The Cell - this is the perfect punishment for those who enjoy extreme restraint torment for extended periods of time. Completely black with optional strobe lighting, and a security camera to monitor your safety, you are put in a straight jacket and left to the demons of your own mind.


Velvet Vaults is located just North of Glasgow City Centre, just off the M8; around 10 minutes in total from Glasgow City Centre. There is ample free street parking and very suitable public transport links, including a train station just 8 minutes walk from.

When offering sessions in Edinburgh, London or another tour location, I will always be central , accessible and operating from a discreet apartment.