Dive a little deeper

You're curious, aren't you? You want to know more than just what I offer as a dominatrix in Scotland and England; you want to know who I am, what I like to do for fun and what puts a smile on my face. Ok, I'll give you a little taster, since you are so eager. But just know, this is only scratching the surface of the diverse and complex things which collate to make me, me! Also, I should warn you; once you begin to unravel me, you will want more.

~ My  favourites ~

Music: Jazz

Food: Italian; Thai and Japanese

Art: Impressionism

Sports: Swimming; yoga and martial arts

Hobby: Cooking and playing violin

Books: Crime thrillers, by authors such as: BA Paris; Michael Connelly and Steve Cavanagh

Destination: Italy and Malta

Scent: Fresh lemon

~ Gifts ~

Many clients ask if they can bring me a gift; this is never expected or required, but one sure way to put a smile on my face . As some inspiration, I have listed some of my favourite treats -

REN skincare and bath products

Lemon Yankee Candles

Harvey Nichols Olives

Kat Von D Makeup vouchers

The White Company reed diffusers

Le Labo aldehyde perfume

Darkest Fox lingerie and latex

Coco De Mer toys and tools

If you'd like some further inspiration or to send me a beautiful gift remotely, then have a peek at my Wishlist.