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It's a pleasure for you to serve me

"The art of seduction is knowing what he really wants and slowly giving it to him in a way that takes his breath away ."

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Valentina Velvet, or Lady Velvet if you have been particularly disobedient. I am the enigma you have been searching for, providing an elusive combination of seduction with BDSM to a select few across the UK.

My journey as a professional Goddess began in 2015, not long after graduating from business school. I quickly learned that I was different from the others; the corporate world wasn't for me. I ached for a more unique path, one which allowed me to do things MY way. As if the universe answered me, I found myself in this industry and within weeks, I quit my job knowing this was the route I was to take. Six years on, I have transformed into the experienced and knowledgeable Vixen I am today, continuing to grow through constant learning, watching and doing - which is my key to being the absolute best that I can be. You see, I want nothing less than perfection. 

Physically I am petite and athletically built, with a head of long flowing near-black hair and a set of hazel eyes that can lure almost any man into a false sense of security. Underneath this, however, are my powers. The way in which I can command a room is awe inspiring; I have a natural ability to make people do exactly what I want them to do, without even knowing they are doing it. My imagination, quick wit and sharp tongue is what sets me apart from other Mistresses. I can plan the greatest scenarios, but you will find things generally take unforeseen turns during my sessions due to my creative mind and ability to reflect from your reactions; this is what makes me so addictive to you.

My greatest enjoyment is overpowering a man, physically or mentally. I get so exhilarated when you realise you have been beaten,  following periods of taunting and teasing, giving you a slither of hope before ripping it away with a huge smile on my face and a malicious twinkle in my eye. I particularly love wrestling and beatdown scenes, corporal punishment, foot worship and facesitting, but at its core, I really just love utilising my looks, strength and words to gauge the desired reaction from you.



✔ I craft unforgettable experiences - my sessions are unique for each submissive I play with. I take my time to uncover your kinks and where they have stemmed from before using that information, along with my wicked imagination, to craft a truly unforgettable experience. You are not the same as any other sub, so why should your session be?

Your limits are always respected - limits are in place for a reason, both yours and mine. It is the boundary and, with me, it will never be crossed. Being in session requires trust and you can trust that I will never carry out an act that hasn't been discussed prior, nor will I make you do something you don't want to do or push you past what I can see is your limit. That would be abuse, not consensual BDSM. Always safe and sane!

You will grow and develop - as you begin sessions with me, you will find that you grow and develop organically; it's the reason you seek such a BDSM dimension to your life, isn't it? With my guidance, we can and will overcome barriers that you want to through my training. 

✔ Session in a fully equipped, multi-themed playspace - I have committed so much time and energy into creating an innovative and creative playspace at my location in Glasgow. With five different areas to escape to, I have a perfect space for all subs, from novices to well experienced kinksters. When on a tour, I always bring as much equipment and tools as I can to ensure a thorough session.

✔ Your confidentiality is guaranteed - whatever happens in our sessions and what I may learn about you on the way will always be kept between us. Screening information is stored securely, never shared and is disposed of after our session. My premises is in a discreet building and you will be the only submissive there, so you can feel at ease and envelop yourself in our session.

✔ Your appointment is handled with the utmost respect - I session on a limited basis to ensure I am in best form for your session. I am exceptionally organised so will always be prepared, on time and ready to welcome you into my domain at our agreed session time.

✔ Our play doesn't end when our session does - I believe that forming a connection and aftercare are so crucial to having a great experience in session, so you don't have to just wait until session time to interact with me. I offer distance / online sessions as well of lots of photo and movie content to allow you to continue from a session. This is also a great opportunity for new submissives to get in touch and explore a little prior to engaging in a session.


"I am the kinky, perverse girlfriend who loves to drive you mental whilst coaxing you into doing exactly what I want "