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It's a pleasure for you to serve me

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Valentina Velvet, or Lady Velvet if you have been particularly disobedient.

A temptress, a seductress; I am the Irene Adler to your Sherlock Holmes.

I am the mistress enigma you have been searching for, providing an elusive combination of seduction with BDSM to a select few within Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and beyond.

My journey as a professional Goddess began in 2015, not long after graduating from business school. I quickly learned that I was different from the others; the corporate world wasn't for me. I ached for a more unique path, one which allowed me to do things MY way. As if the universe answered my prayers, I found myself in this industry and within weeks, I quit my job, knowing this was the route I was to take. Armed with a corset, a mind full of research and, embarrassingly, a flimsy flogger, I set off. Five years on, I have transformed into the experienced and knowledgeable Vixen I am today, continuing to grow through constant learning, watching and doing - which is my key to being the absolute best that I can be. You see, I want nothing less than perfection. 

Physically I am petite and athletically built, with a head of long flowing near-black hair and a set of hazel eyes that can lure almost any man into a false sense of security. Underneath this, however, are my powers. The way in which I can command a room is awe inspiring; I have a natural ability to make people do exactly what I want them to do. My imagination, quick wit and sharp tongue is what sets me apart from other Mistresses. I can plan the greatest scenarios, but you will find things generally take unforeseen turns during my sessions due to my creative mind and ability to reflect from your reactions; this is what makes me so addictive to you.

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Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

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