Velvet Experienes

After meeting me, you will soon find that a few hours just isn't enough. My charisma; infectious. My charm; bewitching. My Italian hazel eyes; hypnotic. The way I make you feel; 100% addictive

Denied & Deprived

This enthralling session is for the true lovers of denial, because you will be denied in every sense of the word. Firstly, we go out for dinner*, however, I decide as and when you get to eat. Your delicious meal sits in front of you, teasing your hunger and making you absolutely ravenous. No matter how starving you get, you are forbidden to eat without my say so. Perhaps I allow you a few bites here and there depending on my mood, or maybe I am feeling extra wicked and I ask the server to remove your plate without allowing a single taste.

Weak with hunger, we head back to my dungeon, where you become my personal toy and you are further denied. This time sexually. Fuelled with energy from my delicious meal that I slowly enjoyed in front of you, I restrain and torment you until I had have enough and dismiss you for the evening.

If you are a serious lover of denial or want for me to test and push you, you stay on for the most sleep deprived night of your life. I cage you up for the evening, permitting only short bursts of sleep which I furiously destroy by waking you as and when I please. It will be the most torturous yet exhilarating evening you will ever have experienced.

* If discretion is a concern, we have the option of staying in my premises for the full duration.

Dinner denial (7pm - 11pm): £600

Sleep deprived overnight (7pm - 7am): £1200

Full Sissification

This session was designed to help unleash the inner sissy, totally uninhibited. Although I offer sissy sessions on a shorter level, this evening is a more relaxed event, allowing for unrushed play. We meet at my place where the Girl's Night kicks off with a glass of bubbles and a sweet soundtrack, setting the scene for a killer make over.

I do your make up, hair and outfit as we giggle, blether and have drinks and nibbles, like any other girl's night, before taking a turn for the unexpected. Once getting you all glammed up, I decide to lead you through to my dungeon room to lightly, or heavily, humiliate you and test how well you can perform as my new sissy slut.  I use you for my own pleasure for hours, exhausting you, before dismissing you for the night.

If this isn't enough for you, I invite you to sleep over and have an extended slumber party. A slumber party with a difference - there are no trashy chick flicks or pillow fights, but rather I continue using you all night. When I want a rest, I stick you in the slut cage, taking you out to torment you as I when I please, doing whatever I like to you.

In the morning, you waken in the cage, dressed in your slut clothes, hazy and humiliated over the evening's events. A true sissification.

Girl's night (7pm - 11pm): £600

Slumber party (7pm - 7am): £1200