A Humbling Lesson

“Don’t worry I will go over there tonight and tell her she’ll need to pack up all her books and be out by next week. Don’t worry though lads, I will offer her a shoulder to cry on and who knows, just like every other big deal I do, I might just have to hit it! Then Quit it!”

This statement certainly got a big laugh and applause in the high-flying office full of suited grown men who collectively were worshipping everything about their new best friend, a man-child yet very successful property owner Donald McCormick. The champagne glasses were clinking all round as there was a lot to celebrate. The rich 33-year old had just sold one of his big Glasgow buildings to Apple who were due to turn McCormick’s age-old building that was owned by his parents in the 90’s, into an Apple Super Store.

The seemingly unlucky rentee who was at the butt of everyone’s jokes in this, was a young woman who had spent the past 5 months leasing the building from McCormick to create and build her own, authentically vintage library.

McCormick and the rentee who went by the nickname of “Vee” had met on one occasion 6 months previously. She called to set up a meeting to discuss her plan. The Wolf of Wall Street Wannabe only agreed to the meeting given how “hot she sounded on the phone”.

The petite, black haired lady had a very professional approach which differed to McCormick’s. He was late to the meeting, extremely distracted as he had to attend a weekend stag do later that afternoon and in the short 5 minutes, McCormick didn’t have enough time to really put on his charm due to incessant mobile calls that he insisted he had to take. As disinterested as he was, he did end by saying, “listen, I like you, you seem smart and I am the type of guy that can help others achieve their dream. People look at me in my fancy suit, see me in the papers sometimes and think I might not be approachable but if you ever need me, even if you want to catch up for a cocktail, you call me.”

After ending his statement with a wink McCormick was puzzled that his boyish yet “powerful” charm didn’t have the effect it usually did on his female targets. One of his young blonde assistants immediately dealt with the paperwork and other than the odd email back and forth arranging payment, “Vee” and McCormick never spoke. She quietly got on with her business and he was intrigued simply because she just didn’t give him attention.

It had become a daily routine for McCormick to look out of his window which overlooked the library to see her come and go. At 8:30 every morning he would open the blinds slightly to see her walk down the street. “Who is she? Why the hell set up a library? Fuckin Hell she’s fit, I need to bang her before her lease is up”.

Afternoon celebratory drinks continued as McCormick had texted round and arranged an official signing the next day with press. He Also texted Vee asking if she would be around about 7pm that night. She responded stating she would be working at the library. This was perfect for man who had given himself the nickname “The Don”.

He could leave his legions of worshippers at the bar and sneak round to the library and give Vee the bad news yet claim that the big suits had bought him out, pretend to feel really guilty about it and then make a move on the poor young lady who just had her dreams crushed. “Don’t worry, something will come up, you are too smart and beautiful not to be successful”, he already had a couple of lines up his sleeve.

McCormick hadn’t bothered to set foot in the (new) library up until this point, so after Vee had assured him via text that the door would be open, he walked downstairs. He didn’t have the capacity to have put enough time aside to have imagined what the library would have been like, but he was blown away, everything item had an antique look, there was wall to wall book shelfs which seemed about 20 feet high, a huge desk at the front, a stand-alone chair at the centre which faced a giant projection screen which McCormick stared at as he walked towards and looked around.

“Hello Mr McCormick.”

He turned to his left and Lady Velvet faced him, wearing a long black leather skirt and silk white shirt, she looked stunning as her figure appeared in the light of this purposely darkened room. Small in height, but towered over everything in every other way. He took a moment to look her up and down but snapped out of it and said in a flirtatious manner, “hey, no one calls me that call me Donald.”

Lady Velvet ignored that and in her usual articulate and intelligent manner continued, “I have just been preparing for a short history lesson I am delivering tomorrow for some clients who are interested in books on the topic of Goddess Inanna.”

McCormick didn’t know what to say, he was nice in his generic response, “Waw! That sounds cool.”

“I am glad you think so, please take a seat, I would love for you to get a preview.”

He would have much rather cut to the chase with the bad news but Lady Velvet was in control, not in a forceful or demanding way, just in her usual smart way. McCormick was then sitting down on the lonely chair in this huge floor space, bookshelves for days like mountains over him in the distance of this almost theatrical like library. Lady Velvet walked slowly towards the projector and with the flick of a switch came a massive sculpture visual of “Goddess Inanna” on the screen.

McCormick, who had no knowledge or interest in anything history related, became more focused on listening to something than ever before, due to the power of a woman about to serve him.

As she walked behind him she continued to talk, “You see Mr McCormick, Goddess Inanna was years ahead of her time. A Goddess in ancient Iraq, she did whatever it took to get what she wanted. Although she made the list of the Mesopotamian Deities, which led many to believe she had super powers, these historians overlooked one thing; A woman’s ability to control a man.”

Lady Velvet came closer towards the seated and suited entrepreneur and put her hand on his shoulder, “you could say she was the first ever Dominatrix.”

The flick of the switch gave the young man a fright as it turned to another sculptured picture of Goddess Inanna pinning down a man while having him on a leash. He audibly gulped as Lady Velvet’s high intellect dazzled him as much as her figure.

“She was the Goddess of Love, Beauty, War and Sex and interestingly enough Mr McCormick, she stole temples that weren’t hers and if that wasn’t enough, she publicly tortured the male owners and they would be visibly erect.”

Her hand dropped from behind her his should to his arm, “If I may Mr McCormick”, she slowly moved her arms and from behind put the petrified man into a rear naked choke hold. She did this in a very calm manner but suddenly he was in a great deal of pain. He didn’t know anything about martial arts and now was the wrong time not to know the meaning of tapping out. Despite his struggles she continued slowly.

“Inanna would use this type of physicality to get her own way. Anyway, silly me, you came down to talk to me about something. Let me guess, you have sold the building and want me to move?”

Lady Velvet let him go from the choke hold and he was gasping for air and stumbled to a sentence, “eh, well I don’t know how you know but yes, there’s nothing I can do it’s too much money for me to refuse.”

“Listen to you, you’re struggling to breath, please quickly lie down on your back trust me.”

McCormick obliged and was lying flat on his back. Still with the ancient visual of a woman degrading a man on the projector screen, Lady Velvet walked towards an old Gramophone Record player with a copper horn. As McCormick lay down the sound of a Cello started playing an eerie soundtrack to what was becoming his demise. As he tried to take his suit jacket off. Lady Velvet was suddenly standing over him, her feet were at the top of his shoulders and she was looking directly down at his face.

“Let me get a little more comfortable”.

She took her beautiful leather skirt to reveal her Latex Hotpants, she then took off her white shirt to reveal a matching black latex bra. Her victim lay beneath her completely engrossed in her yet totally confused as he had no earthly idea who he was dealing with.

Lady Velvet then squatted down slowly and her ass was inches away from his face as she leaned forward.

“Let’s talk business Mr McCormick, I think you should sell the building to me.”

McCormick was stunned, “are you joking? No chance that’ll happen…”

Before he began to explain himself his face was smothered in Lady Velvet’s ass, a few seconds past of him having the most pain and ecstasy he had experienced before she gave him some breathing space by sitting up.

She turned her whole body around to face him.

“Listen Mr McCormick, this can go on for a while but let me explain this to you. You’re going to do whatever I want you to do, because having me treat you this way is exactly what you want. You can try and fight it as hard as you can but deep down you want this so badly.”

He looked at her gorgeous face as she was not only demanding and controlling but almost talking to him as a therapist, “I can see it in your eyes already, just do the right thing and give in to me, if I start to get angry I will deny you of everything. Anyway, one more face sit is all it will take for you to realise. I will seal your fate now for you”.

She turned around and got in position, “welcome to your new world”, she then sat on his face again for a much longer time. The realisation of it all had hit the young high flyer who had never felt more powerless. She sat up and once again turned around. She lay on her stomach next to him as he still lay on his back, “So Mr McCormick, do we have a deal?’

“Yes Mistress.”

She looked at him with a wicked devilish grin as if to say, “I own you now.”

She tiled her head back, leaned forward and spat in his face. She slowly stood up and also helped him to his feet. By pulling his tie she walked him over to the desk. The Cello music still played as she pointed to papers on the desk, “I had already prepared the paperwork for you to sign Mr McCormick, you will sell this building to me for £1.”

He was mesmerised by this point and was almost zombie like as he took the pen to sign the papers. Lady Velvet in a controlling manner was now sitting on the edge of the desk. There was a full body mirror leaning against the wall behind it. Lady Velvet grabbed his tie and said, “look in that mirror”, she seductively looked in the mirror also, the both stared at each other whilst she brought his face cheek to cheek with hers as if they were a couple, “your life will never be the same again.”

He got a further fright when his phone rang, his knew Dominatrix took the mobile from his top pocket, it was Todd Jacobs from Apple who was ringing. That’s who Donald had agreed terms with. She had delight on her face, “this just gets better and better, you’re going to talk to him as you probably both have news for each other.”

Before he had any time to think he was bent over the desk and face pressed next to the mobile. Mistress answered it and put it on loud speaker.

“Hey Donald it’s Todd”

The beaten down Donald could hardly speak, “Hi Todd”, Lady Velvet pulled his hair up just so he was forced to look at her in the mirror. She then began to slowly spank him while he was trying to speak on the call. It was so cruel, yet deep down he couldn’t get enough. The conversation continued as Todd sounded nervous, “Donald listen I have some bad news, we are going to have to pull from the deal.”

Donald was shocked, Lady Velvet looked at him in the mirror and was sarcastically acting shocked too, she continued to look at him, licking her lips as Todd nervously began to explain that due to financial constraints they were having to pull. Lady Velvet had the most sadistic and sexy look on her face as she continued spanking him, by this point his trousers were down. As Todd began his final goodbyes she had had enough and reached over end ended the call as Todd was in mid-sentence. McCormick had his mouth wide open. What on earth did she do to Todd.

He then stood up and still facing the mirror, he asked “what did you do to him?”

She smiled and continued, “Aww baby are you getting jealous? You’re much fitter than him don’t worry. Trust me you won’t leave here upset.”

She grabbed his crouch and could still feel he was very hard.

“I will let you cream yourself in front of me. In fact, shall we use my hand or yours?”

With delight on his face he said, “Your hand Mistress.”

She said “Okay now stare straight ahead”, she went to the desk and opened the drawer and walked towards him. She pulled the front of his pants open and he heard an odd noise. He looked down and she was pouring whipped cream inside the front of his pants. He was again, outsmarted by his Mistress. She walked around him and did the same down his ass crack. She didn’t stop until the full fresh bottle was empty. For good measure she gave him a painful wedgie.

The stunning Mistress suddenly emerged at the front of him again with a glass of red wine in her hand on one hand and an old dirty pound note in the other. She leaned forward and with her index finger pushed the pound note in his mouth so only half of it was still hanging out.

The dominant Lady Velvet said “well it’s been a pleasure doing business with you, oh wait I didn’t even get you a drink hold on,”

She took a massive gulp of wine and slowly spat it in his face and all over his white shirt. This made sure that the if the pound note which was obviously Lady Velvet’s payment for his lucrative building wasn’t destroyed before, it was now. She enjoyed spitting wine all over him and did it again for the hell of it.

“As weird as this is, you still got more out of all of this than I did.”

As he stood with pants full of cream, a wrecked suit covered in red wine, The Dominatrix gave one last painful reminder.

“I’m done with you. For now. But just remember. This. Is. Just. The. Beginning.”

"A Humbling Lesson" has been contributed by a submissive of mine, whose skills in literature have been put to good use. I am sure you will agree that this piece makes for a very entertaining read; I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and imagining myself in the position of the, apparently, meek librarian who inevitably gives the sleazy creep exactly what he deserves.