A Mistress in the art of Anal Play...

To anal play or not to anal play, is it even a serious question?!

Before you ponder for too long, let me tell you the short answer; ALWAYS to play. I know what you play virgins are thinking, "Ewww no, that's an exit only" or "What about THE MESS?!!!!" and even "Won't it hurt?". There are many misconceptions regarding this type of play and I, my pre-enlightened friends, am here to clear them all up.

So, what exactly is anal play? Anal play, ass play, butt play, or whatever cutesie terminology you wish to use, is the act of stimulating the anus without doing the full deed of anal sex, although anal sex can very much be a follow on from this but it's certainly not a pre-requisite. The anus is a body part with a whole host of hidden, and not so hidden, nerve endings beginning at the rectum and ending at the prostate gland (if you're a man).

Not only is this type of play extremely enjoyable on its own and can be used to create an orgasm in its own right, it is phenomenal for enhancing orgasms when used simultaneously with other types of play.

It is literally a treasure map just waiting to be explored.

Now we get to the fun stuff; how to play? Well, it seems the nation have cottoned on to just how enjoyable this can be, or stuck two fingers up to societal taboos, as sales of anal toys have rocketed in sex shops, such as Ann Summers , Bondara and Love Honey. From beads to butt plugs and massagers to dildos, the options really are endless. However, for many beginners and seasoned pros, there is nothing better than a skilled hand and knowledge of the anatomy to get things going. In my experience of domination and fetish sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh, it is by far one of the most requested types of play, alongside strap on play. One can't argue with those statistics!

If you are a newbie to this, I've made a quick start menu to follow to help you kick things off:

1. Only ever play with a partner you trust to respect your boundaries and limits.

2. Before you begin, douche, douche and douche some more.

3. Keep plenty of good quality water-based lubricant to hand to keep things flowing smoothly.

4. Hygiene is of ultimate importance. Keep toys covered with condoms, use disposable gloves and NEVER transfer bacteria from the ass to, say, a vagina. You're just asking for trouble if you do so.

5. Most importantly, start slowly and build up the ability to go for longer / go quicker or take larger toys. No-one wants to visit A&E with a ripped rectum.

Now go forth and explore!

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