A Mistress in the art of ASMR...

If you’ve never heard of ASMR, or auto sensory meridian response, things are about to take a turn for the interesting. Although, can you really expect anything less from a Glasgow fetish expert like myself? Not likely.

So then, what exactly is ASMR? It’s a pretty new phenomenon that has literally taken over the internet, but with no real scientific research behind it, it’s difficult to explain this craze in a quantitative manner. In its essence, it is a technique used to create deep relaxation, teamed with body tingling, and in its most effective form, puts the recipient in a trance like state. ASMR is most commonly used to help listeners fall into a deep sleep and even help alleviate insomnia. Sounds innocent, right?

Hmmmm, not quite. Not for me, anyway. As a Mistress, I use ASMR in my domination and fetish sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh to lull my victim into a trance like state. The body becomes deeply relaxed, the mind becomes almost unable to function clearly, and therefore, my submissive is much more susceptible to being coaxed into doing things they may not ordinarily. A Dominatrix’ dream, you could say.

AMSR is achieved in many ways, and what I have found is that each person reacts more to certain methods than others. Some respond best to repetitive sounds: tapping of fingers on a hard surface; crunching of paper; swooshing of long hair being brushed, and so forth. Others enjoy nature sounds, such as the sound of rain hitting a window or waves lapping up onto a shore. Most commonly, the comforting sound of your Mistress’ voice in whispering monotone, repeating phrases which you have been trained to react to works an absolute treat. However, it doesn’t end there. The unicorn of the bunch can be put into a trance like state simply by being stroked lightly, and for me, this is particularly fun to observe, and even more satisfying to control and manipulate. The unfortunate downside to all of this is that not everyone has the ability to be affected by ASMR, it pretty much depends on your brain chemistry.

What’s the catch? Truthfully, there are none. So long as you trust your Mistress to respect your boundaries and guide you through your journey in a respectful manner, then what do you have to lose?

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