A Mistress in the art of Beatdowns...

Humiliation; the strongest tool in a Dominatrix' toolbox.

Why? Humiliation can be induced in many ways, each unique to the victim and its effects lasting much longer than a sting of a cane being whipped across your butt. Once the core of the humiliation is discovered by your Domme, it can be used, recycled and upcycled over and over again, making each session a fresh dose of hell to a sub.

One of my most absolute favourite ways to humiliate a sub is by using my physical strength. It often comes as a surprise to my sub just how strong I am, because my size is actually pretty tiny, being only just over 5 foot tall and a small size 8 in clothes. What my subs don't often know, however, is that I work out ALOT and am trained to a high standard in martial arts... I like to keep this part a beautiful secret to unveil when their faces are pressed to the floor, my knee is in their back and they are dumbfounded as to how on earth my tiny physique managed to take them down. It really does amuse me.

It amuses me further when they keep trying to win during a wrestling or beatdown session, only to leave themselves completely out of breath and exhausted. Silly men, they never learn!

There's something quite nostalgic for me when beating up a sub. Memories of school years come flooding back, when I punched many a boy on the arm, or pinned them down, sat on their chest and flicked their ears until they shouted "mercy!" as I giggled away. It's easy to see why many BDSM submissives enjoy this method of humiliation because it's likely very nostalgic for them too.

Wrestling and human punchbag scenes can be incorporated into roleplay scenarios, such as "bitch stepsister" or "playground antics", as well as being used as a base for additional BDSM activities, such as: bondage; facesitting; forced foot worship, and so forth. Besides, it's just great fun. For me, at least.

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