A Mistress in the art of Financial Domination...

Updated: Jan 26

"More", I stated simply.

He stood there infront of me, eyes to the ground and a wave of shame showering over, causing his face and neck to flush bright red.

I thrust my open hand out towards him, eyebrow raised.

"Please Mistress, I can't give you any more", he mumbled.

"Can't? No, what I hear is that you WON'T give me any more. This isn't acceptable, is it now, piggy?", I taunted. "One more crisp 20, that isn't asking for too much for the Mistress you worship so dearly, is it?"

"No, I guess it isn't. I want you to be my Queen," his eyes rose in pleading hope. He kneeled to the ground and presented me with another fresh note.

"Well done, my little simp, doesn't it feel good knowing that you are giving me what I want? Providing for me?" I toyed, running my hand through his hair, giving him a veiled reward for his submission.

"Of course, Mistress, it is all I want", he spluttered.

"Good, I like to hear that you value my worth. Now hand me another", I coaxed gently.

He hesitated.

"If you won't serve me, I will grace another with my attention. Is that what you want?" I threatened.

"No, Mistress". This time he handed me two crisp notes. He knew he had to correct his disobedience, he knew my threats weren't empty.

My patience was wearing thin.

"That's only £100 you've presented me in total. What do you expect me to do with this? It barely covers my car payment for this month. Are you suggesting that should be taking the bus like a commoner?", I barked.

"N.... N... No Goddess, I would never say such a thing", he trembled. "You deserve much more than that, you are not a commoner! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you".

He handed me another few notes, apologising as he did.

I smiled at him. He glowed with pride.

"Good, you've paid for my car this month. I still need to fill the tank, unless you want me to fill it with air?! Another £100 should do it", I remarked.

"Mistress, please, that is the money I was keeping for buying myself new shirts", he gazed up at me, expecting pity.

I looked him straight in the eye.

"Ohhh sweetie", I purred. "How many times do we have to go over this? My financial needs are greater than yours and should be seen with the upmost importance. When you take care of my financial needs, I take care of your need to serve. This. Is. How. This. Works".

My fingers delicately traced his face as he inhaled deeply, becoming intoxicated by my act of intimacy. He knew this was the reason he was such a slave to me, I had a powerful hold over him and despite being humiliated by being rinsed, he secretly loved what we had. He gave me money, I gave him attention; it was a dynamic that worked well.

He dug his hand into his pocket, clutching the remaining notes. Giving them one last look, he reached up and gave me the cash that was rightfully mine.

"Thank you, Goddess. It is an honour to serve you, earning money to provide for you. I will remember this, please don't get rid of me, I promise I can do better", he hummed, in a complete trance.

"Good little piggy, now get up", I ordered.

He promptly rose and his eyes grew wide as I moved towards him. I brushed my hand across his cheek, leaving a lasting stamp for him to cherish until his next rinsing.