A Mistress in the art of Foot Worship...

"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art" - Leonardo Da Vinci

With a statement like that, it's no wonder many of you simply fall to your knees at the foot of a woman, craving the moment you are instructed to worship. In my opinion, foot worship is the ultimate devotion to the Queen in your life. Caring for her feet after a long day, soothing and caressing them, demonstrates that her needs are put before your own. The way it should be.

I love, love, love foot worship; I joke frequently that it's my personal fetish.

Many clients contact me, embarrassed to admit that they dream about serving a Dominatrix' feet. What they don't realise is just how common this desire is, so much so that I have full kink sessions in Glasgow centred entirely around this area.

Of course, each Domination session is tailored to suit the submissive's exact BDSM likings, however, if you are interested in scheduling a foot worship session in Glasgow with me, you can expect all or some of the following:

- helping your Mistress model various shoes or foot jewellery

- bathing or massaging the feet

- cleaning your Dominatrix' shoes and feet with your tongue

- painting the toenails

- having your Mistress' feet smother your face and body

- being used as a foot stool for your Mistress to rest her feet

- being trampled with bare feet or shoes

- being teased and coerced using foot worship as a reward

Sound exciting?

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