A Mistress in the art of Spanking...

"Ohhh ahhhh ummmmm" goes the sound of whatever submissive I am giving a brutal hand spanking to. If someone were to overhear this, they'd think that my sub is being tortured! I mean, they likely are, but they very much enjoy it.

Spanking has been around since the dawn of time as a punishment tool, but more recently, it has been recognised as a way to enter into sub space, using a combination of pain and tenderness to transport the receiver into a place of sheer ecstasy.

Spanking is a BDSM activity I have grown to master and really enjoy over the years, learning how to create a great base note using a butt as my instrument. I begin with a very light touch, allowing my sub to become comfortable with the weight and strength of my spank, before building up to different rhythms, each time increasing the strength I use.

I generally use spanking as an introduction to other impact play activities within domination sessions, such as paddling, cropping, caning and tawsing; if someone can't take my hand, they surely can't take a paddle, and that's a good thing to find out early! Like anything though, pain tolerance is something that can be built up over time, so if a hand or OTK spank is where you're at, there's nothing to say you won't be able to take a crop in future.

One recent receiver of my hand spanking, the luscious professional submissive Amber Evergreen, certainly enjoyed my techniques during our filming session in Glasgow last week. You can find our videos on my clips sites or on my Onlyfans (www.onlyfans.com/valentina-velvet) where you can digest every bit of content I make for one simple subscription price.

If you'd like to explore the world of spanking during a session with me in Glasgow or Edinburgh, don't be afraid to get in touch... We'll take it one spank at a time.

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