An agent with a mission...

"You have a beautiful apartment, Miss Velvet, thank you for inviting me back here with you", he glowed at me.

"Ohhhh, it's my pleasure, Mr Dean", I purred as I traced my finger delicately over his jawline.

"Is this a habit of yours, seducing men in bars and bringing them home?", he questioned playfully.

"Only the special ones", I replied without missing a beat. "Why don't you get more comfortable and join me over here on the bed?"

He dutifully obliged, of course. I have a unique way of enchanting men, coaxing them into submission. But that is exactly the reason the agency recruited me.

"So, Mr Dean, are you in the habit of returning home with strange women?" I posed as I began undoing his tie.

He relaxed audibly with a gentle sigh. "From time to time", he replied.

I giggled slightly, "Yes, I imagine a man of your calibre has no problem with the ladies", with a hint of sarcasm and a raised eyebrow. "Tell me, Mr Dean, as you seem very well travelled, what do you do for work?" I feigned interest but I already knew the answer.

"I am a travelling salesman", he responded in his well-rehearsed lie.

"Ahhh of course", I played along. "Where do you travel to exactly?"

"Here and there", he responded crytically.

"Have you ever been to Korea, Mr Dean? I hear it is a marvellous country, aside from the dictatorship, of course", I tested him.

"I've been once or twice", he replied squarely.

"Yes, you look like the kind of man who would have visited, being so well travelled. How about Russia?", I weaved in, all the while distracting him by unbuttoning his shirt seductively.

"Russia? Hmmm... Yes, once or twice", he responded, clearly focused on the other actions in the room, just as I had planned.

A first omission. Now I could continue.

"Anyway, enough of this work chat, I am sure you want to take yourself away from all of this for a while! Tell me, Mr Dean, are you an experimental man.... sexually?"

His eyes widened, "Ha, emmmm, well I've been tied up before if that's what you mean?"

I decided to play his game. It was important if I wanted him to play mine. Trust was paramount.

I laughed, "Yes, I bet you HAVE found yourself in knots once or twice".

He laughed along. Silly man, he had no idea I was laughing at him and what I had planned for him. These types, surprisingly naive despite their professions. Every last one of them has been just toooooo easy to put where I want them.

I reached to my bedside table and produced a long satin ribbon, with a mischievous smile growing. Without saying a word, I took his hands behind his back and tied then, tightly.

"Hahaha, Miss Velvet, I can see this isn't your first time tying someone up!", his skin flushed with the thought of what may lie ahead.

"I thought we could delve into your curious side", I winked before slipping a blindfold over his eyes. "Infact, I know just the thing to do with you", I whispered into his ear. I loved this part, the part where they tangibly buzz with excitement, right before it comes crashing down in one tremendous motion.

I guided his body through to the room next door. Not just any room, but a room that I had created exactly for this purpose. It was, after all, my expertise. My room was my sanctuary, decorated in opulent navy blues and golds, dim lighting and an array of beautiful tools; tools I will need to complete my mission successfully.

"Where are we?", he asked with disguised nervousness, still blindfolded and tied.

I didn't reply. My niceties were over now that I had him. Just as well, there is only so long I can pretend to actually like someone. Instead, I moved him towards the chains on the wall, chains with strategically placed straps. Strangely, he didn't protest. I guess he still thought we were having a mutual playtime.

I untied the ribbon, letting it fall silently to the ground.

"Letting me loose, are you?" he chuckled relieved.

"Not quite", I retorted. "Don't worry, you're in perfectly safe hands", I smirked to myself.

Taking his right arm first, I stroked the entire length from his shoulder to his wrist, before attaching a leather cuff and hooking it to the chain above his head. Then his left arm, so that he was suitably restrained. I produced a thick leather collar and buckled it around his neck, tightly, before hooking that, too, to the chain structure. I had heard of his reputation and experience, there was no way I could risk him escaping.

I yanked the blindfold off and watched with fascination as his eyes adjusted to his new surroundings. His gazed trailed up to the chains, his cuffed arms and finally realising he was secured firmly, he stuttered "What is all of this, Miss Velvet?" He tried to maintain his suave demeanour but I could see right through it. It was my job to see the things others didn't.

I placed myself in my golden throne, with a riding crop in my hand. I should have had popcorn, because this was going to be some show. T