I can please your girlfriend better than you can, now watch.

It was 8pm on a Friday evening and I was glowing with excitement for my scheduled escort meeting in Glasgow. Andrew and Eva had arranged a special evening to live out their most desired threesome fantasies with me and I couldn't wait to meet them both.

I had dressed for the occasion: black lace bra; French panties; black lace suspender belt; black denier stockings with a very flattering seam, complete with high heels; I really hoped they liked the lingerie I had chosen for them.

The buzzer went and then I waited with anticipation by the door of my Glasgow apartment as they made their way up in the lift. The seconds felt like minutes and eventually there was a sweet knock, indicating that they were just outside. With bated breath, I swung open the door to reveal a sexy, blonde emo-style chick and her much less attractive partner. Any disappointment I felt in him was surely made up for by her; it almost made me wonder how they ended up together.

Greeting them with a kiss on the cheek, which definitely lingered with Eva, I welcomed them into my apartment. Eva was so friendly, bubbly and physically expressive in comparison to Andrew; I took an instant liking to her. However much I tried to give equal attention to both, my focus kept being drawn back to Eva and I am sure Andrew noticed this very early on.

Once in my bedroom, I asked them what they really wanted from me as an escort, and what they wanted to experience throughout the evening. Andrew confessed he arranged this for quite selfish reasons and had always fantasised about having two women fawn over him, which is a very fair desire that many men have. Eva, however, retaliated by saying that she was deeply unhappy sexually as Andrew doesn't give her any attention and can no longer make her orgasm, regularly climaxing himself after only a few minutes of actions. I turned to look at Andrew with raised eyebrows, to which he replied by drawing his eyes to the floor. This was obviously not news to him.

Without saying a word, I moved over to Eva and gently kissed her neck. She took a sharp breath in and then exhaled deeply, relaxing into what was taking place. I took this as my cue to continue and so I traced my lips over to her mouth and was met with a passionate return. With our lips pressed against each other, my fingers gently moved over her perfectly toned body, pausing to appreciate her breasts. She didn't stop me so I pulled her tshirt up over her had and cast it aside, revealing beautiful perk boobs with each nipple pierced and an array of tattoos scattered over her torso and arms; she really was magnificent to look at.

To the side of me, I could hear Andrew's breathing becoming louder and deeper; I was so consumed by Eva that I had forgotten he was even there! With a huge grin on his face, he moved to wards us. He was dying to get in on the action.

"Just you hold back there a minute, I'd like to continue exploring your girlfriend's body", I smirked.

He duly obeyed. He believed his time would come.

I guided Eva to lay down on the bed before sliding my body up on top of hers. Working my mouth down her abdomen, I reached her skirt and with no hesitation, I removed it and threw it at Andrew, who was now frozen in a kneeling position at the end of the bed, amazed at what he was about to witness. The silly man thought it was for his benefit. I slid Eva's pants slowly down her tight thighs, past her ankles and then off completely.

"I bet I can pleasure your girlfriend better than you can", I smiled maliciously at Andrew. "Now watch".

And at that, I began kissing her inner thighs, encouraging her to open them for me, which she did instantly. My tongue coursed over her smoothly shaven pussy, appreciating the deliciously sweet juices flowing from her. She moaned with delight at finally having some sexual gratification, which spurred me on even more. With each tongue flick to her clitoris, he back arched higher and high, her legs quivered faster and faster until she reached a trembling orgasm. I sat up, rather pleased with myself and watched as Eva lay panting and sweaty.

With my face wet from Eva's juices, I moved towards Andrew, grabbed his face and kissed him.

"That's the only way you're going to taste your girlfriend's sweet juices, so enjoy".

This is a extract from a cuckold scenario I had been asked to do with one of my very loyal escort clients in Glasgow, and we all had a lot of fun with this. So don't panic, if you want to arrange a threesome or duo with me, I will not run away with your partner. Unless she looks like Salma Hayek, then you might have to keep an eye on me!

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