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The way in which we can tap into our fetish and kinks is changing, there's no denying that. With people in lockdown, working from home and resigned to other duties, the opportunities to have real time sessions are becoming slimmer and slimmer.

No one hates this more than I do. I thrive on smelling the anticipation coming from a sub as he walks into my Glasgow dungeon to have a domination or fetish session with me! However, I'd be a fool to hang on to the hope that sessions were as straightforward as what they were pre-Covid.

I feel it is my duty to ensure you kinksters are still able to get your Velvet fix so I am gearing up, military style, to create and host a whole multitude of online avenues for you to explore. And let's face it, I need my fix of dominating men, otherwise who knows what the outcome will be!

The first area I am delving into is webcam, phone chat & SMS / texting sessions, which is the next best thing to being in my company directly. This is where we can interact 1:1 and I can truly pick away at your mind and dignity. To find out the when, where, how and why, just view the full section I have on my website here.

Another way to interact with me is through my OnlyFans page; this is my personal hub where I shower you with fresh video and photo content every day, as well as a place to play subgames, order custom content and interact with me directly. It's like following me on Twitter or Instagram but better. My Onlyfans content is a submissive and fetish-lovers' dream, filled with solo and Dom / sub scenarios, and the best part; it's completely uncensored! To celebrate my new all-content-included subscriptions, I'm offering a crazy 60% off your first month. Follow this link to sign up, but act quickly as the link is valid for the next seven days only!

Maybe subscriptions aren't your thing and you want to buy my fetish movies and photos direct? Or perhaps you have a specific scene in mind you'd love for me to film? Who am I to stop a sub on a mission to serve his Mistress? Infact, I actively encourage it. Head over to my clipsite or my detailed website page ; I have an abundance of domination and fetish clips just waiting for you to devour...

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