The 411 on prepping for a session...

You've arranged a Domination session, all you have to do is make sure you're on time, right?


To ensure you are in the best form and, therefore, get the best out of your session with your Mistress, it requires a little prep and consideration, but trust me when I say it will be all worthwhile. Very frequently, I have to remind my subs to do some prep prior to our Domination session in Glasgow. I realised that many subs, new and experienced, so often overlook how important it is to prepare which can often impact on the outcome of a session. I decided to write a short guide on how to prepare, of course following this is completely voluntary but I would recommend it if you want the best from your fetish or kink session.

As someone who does strength and conditioning training, amongst other sports, I relate preparing for a Domination session in the same way I would for a training session. What I do before and after I train very much dictates my performance in training and my recovery time following.

I wouldn't dream of stepping into my training grounds without having followed these guidelines, so take it from me, a little prep prior takes you a long way during.

So let's kick off:

Get a good sleep the night before - this is so important. How many times have you had a poor sleep and it's impacted on your day, leaving you feeling absolutely spaced and unable to make clear decisions? Uh huh, I hear you mumble in agreement. In order to session safely, you must be able to think clearly and know what is a good decision to be making. A sleep deprived mind is not a safe mind.

Eat, for God sake! - I have lost count of the amount of times a sub has come to session with me and it is clear they haven't eaten throughout the day. Food provides fuel, fuel you will be using to power your body through, what can be, a very vigorous session. No fuel? No energy. Weak body. Unclear mind. It's a recipe for disaster. I know it's easy to get excited about our session which can reduce your appetite; you are being driven by adrenaline. Look at it this way, when you session (or I train) your body and mind become stressed, initiating the flight or fight mode; cortisol is released from your adrenal glands giving you a temporary boost to get your through the stressful period and into "safety". Once the session is over, your cortisol levels instantly drop, leaving your body searching for much required energy to burn. If you haven't eaten, meaning no energy reserve, your body goes into survival mode leaving you completely void of energy, weak with shaky muscles and feeling absolutely deflated. Do you want to feel deflated after your amazing session with me? I didn't think so, so get those sustainable calories in you!

H20 is your pal - water, it makes up 60% of the human body. The brain itself is 73% water. So what happens when you don't drink enough? It's more than just being "a little thirsty"; dehydration in the body causes all kinds of nasty side effects which can impact on your performance in a BDSM session. Have you every felt lethargic by the time afternoon swings round, physically fatigued and your brain refusing to keep up pace? Dehydration is the likely culprit! Keep guzzling that good stuff (het hem) to ensure your body and mind are kept in shape for our session.

Stretch - yep, I do mean stretch. I warm up prior and cool down following every single training session, no exceptions. Even though I am fit, exercise to an athletic standard and know what I will be putting my body through, I never miss my pre-training stretch. I even add extra yoga sessions in throughout the week to keep myself extra supple! Ok, you likely won't be working your body to the extent that I do in training but you will be working your body and you will be placed in positions you don't naturally resume. It can very much hurt for two to three days following, especially if I have worked parts of your body that you don't normally. Limit the after pain by getting in a stretch before and after, your body will thank you for it.

Dress comfortably - this might seem like a bit of a strange one but let me explain. I do appreciate you making an effort for me, true. However, I want for you to be as relaxed as possible, before and after, and there is NOTHING worse than wearing something uncomfortable whilst travelling to and from me. Your anxiety levels are already creeping up as our session approaches, having that new shirt dig in to you as you drive to me, or those tight jeans that, admittedly look good but, graze over your red raw buttocks as you travel home after just doesn't heighten our session in anyway. Be presentable, but be comfortable.

That doesn't sound so bad, does it?

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