The Fateful Question

Updated: Jan 26

“I’m your Irene Adler. I will outsmart you, but I will never betray you.”

I will never forget these words, this was the answer Dominatrix, Lady Velvet, outlined on our first phone conversation after I nervously asked her “Can I trust you?”

Within that short answer she made it very clear what our relationship would be: she would unapologetically drive me crazy; always be one step ahead in every possible way and make me believe what I wanted so badly to believe, however there would be a line of respect in that the exploitation of my deepest, darkest fantasies would only be between her and I.

I was on my knees, wearing only a pair of white Calvin Kleins, and I was awaiting Lady Velvet to enter the room. Prior to this I had received a series of texts with instructions on how to get to her Glasgow dungeon and then one more telling me to strip down to my boxers. I found myself visibly shaking with a mix of fear and excitement every time there was a text notification.

The extremely slow crescendo-like sound of high heels resonated behind me like a countdown to something that can be described as everything from torture, destiny, heaven and fate all rolled into one.

Before I knew it, she stood before me and I was staring down at her gorgeous black boots. Her hand then lifted, touched my chin and she forced me to look up at her. She was absolutely stunning. She wore black latex Hot Pants and bra and although I would never be stupid enough to say something first, she looked even better than the video I had downloaded where this addiction had begun. Mistress then began to talk.

“First of all, I am not going to tell you that you are a maggot, you are the shit on my shoes and that you have a tiny penis.”

Lady Velvet was immediately separating herself from the pack, I can only assume she would be offended if anyone thought she would be using “stock dominatrix put downs”, it was evident she was different. She moved her hand from my chin to my shoulder and continued:

“To tell you the truth, you’re much better looking than I thought you would be.”

I could feel my mouth opening even wider, I didn’t expect her to say that. Nor did I expect what was about to come. She continued.

“We are both adults here, so I am going to ask you something and I want you to answer honestly. Okay?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I had no idea what the question would be but it was one that will forever haunt me. She took a deep breath and with a devilish beautiful smile asked the fateful question.

“Do. You. Want. To. Fuck. Me?”

I was extremely shocked, but I told her I would answer her honestly.

“Yes Mistress.”

The words had barely left my mouth before I could feel her right-hand smack across my jaw. I was then treated to a verbal assassination which rightly questioned my behaviour.

“Do you think you can just stroll in here, snap your fingers and demand to fuck me?”

I tried to stumble some sort of sentence together but she had very quickly had me in a position where I was bent over and about to be treated with the paddle.

“17. Thankyou Mistress. May I have another?”

That sentence doesn’t need much explaining. Although a couple of the paddles came in quick succession which conveniently didn’t allow me to finish the sentence. Lady Velvet questioned whether I had lost count and on two occasions demanded I start again. Eventually I reached twenty.

With a sore ass and being completely humbled and out in my place, she again had me on my knees and this time was grabbing my face.

“Let’s ask that question again shall we? Do you want to fuck me?”

No way I would make that mistake again. I quickly replied, “No Mistress”.

She paused and to my surprised still seemed annoyed.

“So this body isn’t good enough for you? This outfit isn’t good enough for you?”

I was fumbling and in a panic, “No mistress you are gorgeous, you are beautiful, you really are.”

Then I was treated to a spit in the mouth and a slap across the face. Lady Velvet wasn’t impressed by my compliments and responded.

“If you want to be a kiss ass, then be a kiss ass.”

She turned around and by pulling my hair she forced my face towards her and I then began worshipping her gorgeous latex ass. This pleasure was cut short though as time and time again I was asked the fateful question and was being punished for my answer regardless of whether it was “Yes” or “No”.

On one occasion, I tried to weasel my way out of the answer by saying something like “well I find you so attractive but I would never dream of…”

She cut me off by putting her index finger over my lips in a very sexy way and said, “one word answer.”

Then she smiled sadistically while looking at me as if to say, “I told you I would be a step ahead.”

After she had run rings around me and I had received more punishment after being mind-fucked into saying “yes” to the fateful question, it seemed like she was winding down the session and had given me a couple of “good boy” short slaps on the face. After telling me to never, ever, say “Yes” to that question again, she told me to stand up. She proceeded to walk me towards her bed by holding my raging hard cock. It was so degrading yet I wish the walk lasted had lasted longer. She had me go on to the bed yet I was still on my knees. She did the same thing and continued to talk.

“Well as much as I have had fun, as I said earlier you’re much better looking than I thought you would be.”

She then put both her hands on my shoulders and whilst facing me started massaging them, she then continued to compliment my appearance. It was such a confidence boost to have her say all these things, she went on and on and I was loving it. Then she blew my mind further.

“Remember, you can trust me, no one will ever find any of this out, so I am going to ask you one more time..”

She then leaned forward and slowly kissed me on one cheek, then deliciously kissed me on the other, she turned around, bent over and pressed her teasing latex ass against my balls. She seductively and “vulnerably” asked, “Do you want to fuck me?”

As my mind was swirling, she bumped her ass against my balls a couple of times and prompted “Hmmm?”

I had just been beaten and battered and I swore to her I would never answer “Yes” to this question. I sealed my fate and said, “No Mistress”.

She stopped, turned around, came up close to my face and said, “Well that’s such a shame.”

Lady Velvet then grabbed my Calvin Klein Balls with my left and in a vindictive manner slowly started slapping my face with her right hand. She then sealed my fate.

“No sex for you then.”

I received a huge spit on my face which she made me thank her for.

After I had put my clothes on and was about to leave, Lady Velvet had one final surprise. She handed me my mobile which I had left in the room, given I obviously couldn’t think straight, then gave me some news.

“I have just texted you a very sexy picture of me, my ass looks great in it. If you can go 7 days without opening that, I will give you the next session for free, if you can’t, I charge you double. Sound fair?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She then proceeded to pull my jeans open and place my mobile at the front of pants. I think she was hoping it would be covered in a bit of pre-cum. She got her wish.

I turned around towards the door and she said “now go and make me my money” then she slapped my ass good and hard.

Did I last 7 days without opening the text? I didn’t last one hour. Mistress messaged me with a dollar emoji as soon as she seen I had seen it.

It was and will be worth every penny. She will always out think me but never betray me.

This client-perspective blog post was crafted by a prospective submissive, one who wishes to serve me in person but hasn't yet. Despite having never met me, he has captured my seductive yet sadistic Domina energy perfectly, wouldn't you agree?

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