There is light at the end of the tunnel...

Well, well, well my followers and friends, it's been a funny few months, hasn't it? I am sure you are as bored as I am in regards to Covid19, so I won't part my views on the matter, but I do hope that you are all well, safe and healthy.

I've been quiet, I know. I have used the time to reflect and look forward to the future, which has been a useful exercise. On this note, I am delighted to declare that I will certainly be returning to my fun ventures in the next few weeks now that restrictions have been lifted and our country appears to be out of the woods. However, I will be taking an even stricter approach to health and safety, meaning that I will have less availability than usual for the time being.

In terms of sessions and what this means for you, don't worry, I will always take responsibility over mine and your safety when in my company. If desired, you will be provided with a disposable mask and gloves on entry and you will also have peace of mind that, as usual, every inch of my play space will be cleaned thoroughly before your arrival. However, if you have been recently ill or in the company of anyone who has been ill, please do not make any arrangements with me until safe to do so. I will still be here, conducting sessions, when you feel better.

I also want to take this opportunity to personally thank the clients who invested in me and my business during this time, by prepaying for sessions and supporting what I do. You're a good bunch!

So, until we meet again!

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