I absolutely love roleplay as my imagination is wild, which makes for a very memorable experience. I am well experienced in a number of roles and own the appropriate clothing and tools to carry out a very authentic roleplay. Below are some examples of roles I have carried out but I am always interested to hear about your fantasy.

Gym bunny / Personal trainer / Swim coach

I've been hired as your new coach and word is, I'm as mean as they get. I don't let my trainees slack off and I want to make them sweat. On meeting, I request that we carry out a fitness challenge to test your stamina and endurance, although it isn't exactly the test you thought it would be.

French maid

You're the owner of a house I clean as the maid. I've always done a good job and take pride in the standards I keep but one day, you come home and criticise my work. Things take a turn for the worst when I force you into a maid outfit and coerce you into completing my work.

Cheeky cheerleader

You're the class nerd, I'm the school's most popular girl; the head cheerleader everyone wishes they could take to prom. My application to a top Ivy League school has been declined due to suffering grades and I now have to write a convincing entry essay to persuade the Dean to let me in. The problem is, I am hopeless. But you? You are intelligent and know just what to write; is there a way I can convince you to write it for me?

Sadistic secretary

Being the CEO of a large, reputable company, you need a trusty secretary to help with the workload. You hired me a few months ago and after being in to role, I discover that you have been embezzling money from the company accounts to fund your luxurious lifestyle. I enter your office to discuss this with you and give you an opportunity to explain, but instead I decide to use you for my own pleasure and you dutifully agree in a bid to save your job and possibility of being sent to jail.

Posh head girl

I'm the snooty head girl of school and you have been sent to detention, where I have been instructed to supervise in the teacher's absence. You've always made fun of me and pulled pranks, so I decide to take my own revenge in a way you'd never imagine.

Headmistress Velvet

You have been called into the school, again. You are never away from the headmistress' office due to your bratty kid's behaviour and the detentions are piling up. On this occasion, I invite you in to inform you that your child will now be suspended as his behaviour is jeopardising the school's reputation. Instead of challenging this, you plead with me to make an allowance; you tell me you will do just about anything to make this problem disappear.

Nurse Velvet

You have been written off from work due to ill health but feel it is time to return and have come into the surgery for a full medical, which has to be signed off in order to gain entry back into your job. As the only nurse on duty, it is up to me to complete the medical, however, this medical takes a very unexpected turn.

RAF commander

As your commanding officer, it is my duty to ensure you follow the strict rules and procedures in place. Sadly, you are a bit of a rogue and it becomes clear you have to be reminded of your place in the squadron. Faced with being kicked out, you have no option but to do exactly as I say.

Sex therapist

You've always struggled with women; they intimidate you and turn you into a wobbling mess. Fed up, you finally approach me - a sex therapist. We begin the session with talking therapy, where you tell me your deepest, darkest fantasies but the session takes a surprising turn when I use your secrets as blackmail.